Reinventing the Way People Work

Our company loves challenges and exploring various cultures and different personalities. We welcome people who strive to succeed from all over the globe. As a company who embraces diversity, our team is composed of people from Philippines, Canada, Venezuela, and many more nationalities

Why Our Employees Love Our Outsource and Flexible Work System

ConvertBetter cares and values each of its employees— whether internal-hired or outsourced. As an outsourced staff, they are entitled to enjoy the company’s perks and benefits. We acknowledge the hard work and dedication our outsourced staffs bring to the company.

  • Employee Rewards System

    Through ConvertBetter’s smart management dashboard, each employee’s performance is closely tracked and monitored. Appraisals are done to assess how well our employees did for the year. At the end of the year, gifts are either raffled at our year- end party or won through accomplished achievements.

  • Salary Loan

    Outsourced employees can avail of our salary loan benefits or cash advances like internal staffs after their 6th-month stay in the company. With flexible and staggered payment terms, they can apply for an initial loan of half of their monthly salary and can increase to 100% after their first year. They can track their payments and monitor the balances real-time through the employee’s personal dashboard platform.

  • Internal Savings Plan (CBings)

    At ConvertBetter, we encourage our employees to save. Thus, we created a pooled investment account for every employee in the company– and yes, that includes outsourced. Upon onboarding, employees can start setting aside a portion of their salary for retirement or long-term goals through the CBings program and earn good interests on their savings.

  • Work from Home

    There is great joy in working in an office with great colleagues, but there is also a very high level of comfort by working from home. Not getting stressed by heavy traffic or feeling like working in your sleepwear, we understand that feeling and we know every employees feel like that from time to time, so we got that covered. We even offer the possibility of working on an office computer even though you’re outsourced, or BYOL (Bring your own laptop). We want our employees to have freedom of their workplace and of the gears they want to use.

  • Getaways & Team-building Activities

    We believe that a team that works harmoniously can produce successful development projects. Hence, we put emphasis on teamwork and team synergy as guiding principles for the company to succeed. ConvertBetter has fun team-building activities for everyone to foster good relationships with each other.

  • Internet Allowance

    As part of our outsourced Customer Care Advocates team, an Internet allowance is given to our employees to ensure a stable internet connection. This is to assure that they can work consistently and provide amazing support to our clients.

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Curious About Our Outsourced Team? Read Their Amazing Work Experiences Below!

  • hannah
  • Juggling your time as a mother and a full-time corporate worker is tough. Working at home is what every mother dreams of doing. ConvertBetter provides an excellent outsourced work system that allows me to take care of my family and still be able to provide financially for their needs. Their training on how to support and create dashboards for mobile design is amazing, and their core employees are really friendly and helpful. Their centralized management system also allows me to keep track of my performance and monitor my workload. Since I started working with ConvertBetter, life has been easier and my kids love the fact that I get to spend more time with them and help them with their schoolwork.

    - Hannah, Outsourced Project-based IOS/Android Developer

  • I’ve been happy to be able to maximize my time and balance my life since I decided to be part of ConvertBetter’s outsourced team. I don’t feel any different from their in-house staffs as I get to have the same benefits that they do like Savings Plan, Employee Rewards System, and Salary Loans. What’s more amazing is that I get to receive an Internet allowance that allows me to upgrade my plan and secure a stable connection, which is essential for my work as an online marketer. Promoting and marketing the company’s SaaS solutions is a stress-free job— thanks to the core team’s real-time support and collaboration!

    - Zyl, Outsourced Junior Online Marketer