The ConvertBetter Advantage:
One platform with Limitless Functions

6-Step Web Dashboard Development Process

Here at ConvertBetter, quality service is our top priority. With this, we offer a smooth and effective dashboard development process. Our team is composed of people who specialize in B2B dashboard development, as well as experts in dashboard design UX. This is why we developed a quick 6-step process to ensure that we deliver what we promise on time without skimping quality. You can check out our full 6-step process on this link.

Automated Business Operations

One of the primary functions of our management dashboards is to allow even the most complex manual business processes to be automated. This is one of the most important aspects of any B2B business because B2B businesses thrive on the quality and the consistency these services offer. With a more efficient way to handle back-end operations, you can spend more time and effort to provide better and faster services while increasing productivity.

Full Data Protection

One of the biggest concerns of B2B businesses is the protection of their clients’ data. With this, we offer full data protection along with our dashboard development. For every web dashboard that we create, we set up customized security practices and ensure that your clients’ business information is safe from any breach.

Top-Grade Software Architecture

Our team of system architects are experts on dashboard development and can customize a very solid dashboard for even your most complex business operations. We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) for many B2B functions such as account management, lead acquisition, complex pricing, and more.

Real-Time Updates

Our corporate dashboards also provide real-time updates for both test data and real-time data through insights, metrics, graphs, and charts. This way, you’ll be able to quantitatively measure the success of your B2B operations and the behavior of your clients.

Full Support

To us, your satisfaction is the top priority. This is why we offer full support for all our clients. From the design stage to the construction stage of the dashboard web app and even after the launch, we will be here to help in any way we can. Included in our package is a 30-day full development support that we offer to our clients right after we launch their corporate dashboard. This allows us to help you get used to the new technology and to assure that its integration is smooth in the roots of your business.

Want a Simpler and More Efficient Way to Run Your Business?

Web dashboards have the power to do just that! Our dashboards can help increase productivity, increase profit, and ultimately, increase your clients’ satisfaction.